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Pashmina Goat Project (Changing the Narrative in Favour of the Pashmina Communities in Himalayas)

In the majestic Himalayas, a transformative initiative known as the Pashmina Goat Project is rewriting the narratives for authentic Pashmina communities. With a deep emotional commitment to sustainability, cultural preservation, and empowering local artisans, this project stands as a beacon of credibility and change. Led by the visionary founders, Dr. Babar Afzal (Techie Turned Pashmina Shepherd a Decade Ago) & Henna Anjum (Himalyan Sustainability Crusader), the project is making a profound impact on the lives of communities across the region.

The Founders, Dr. Babar Afzal and Henna Anjum: The passionate and determined founders of the Pashmina Goat Project, embody the spirit of change and compassion. Their shared vision and unwavering dedication have paved the way for a remarkable transformation within Pashmina communities. Dr. Afzal, once a techie, found his true calling as a Pashmina Goat Shepherd (after a tragedy of 25,000 pashmina Goats that died of starvation in the extreme edge of Himalayas in 2013), while Henna Anjum who emerged as a sustainability crusader in the Himalayas and pioneered the #WhoMadeMyPashmina Campaign. Together, they are rewriting the story of Pashmina and leaving an indelible impact on the lives they touch.

Dr. Babar Afzal, A Techie Turned Pashmina Goat Shepherd: Dr. Babar Afzal’s journey from the world of technology to the rugged terrains of the Himalayas is a testament to his deep connection with Pashmina and its communities. Driven by a passion for sustainability and a desire to preserve the traditional craft, he immersed himself in the world of Pashmina goats. With his expertise and knowledge, Dr. Afzal implemented sustainable grazing practices, ensured the well-being of the goats, and established a model for ethical Pashmina production. His transformation serves as an inspiration, bridging the gap between technology and tradition.

Henna Anjum: A Sustainability Crusader in the Himalayas: Henna Anjum, a sustainability crusader in the Himalayas, recognized the urgent need to protect the delicate ecosystem and empower Pashmina communities. Her dedication to promoting sustainable practices, ethical fashion, and cultural preservation has been instrumental in the success of the Pashmina Goat Project. Through her tireless efforts, she has created platforms for artisans to showcase their skills, provided training programs, and fostered collaborations to ensure fair wages and market access for Pashmina products. Henna Anjum’s commitment serves as a guiding light, illuminating a path towards a sustainable future.

Transforming Lives & Empowering Pashmina Communities: The Pashmina Goat Project is transforming the lives of Pashmina communities in multifaceted ways. It goes beyond economic empowerment, providing opportunities for personal growth, cultural preservation, and the restoration of dignity. Through various initiatives and programs, the project focuses on creating sustainable livelihoods and fostering a sense of pride within the communities.

Creating Sustainable Livelihoods and Economic Opportunities: One of the primary goals of the Pashmina Goat Project is to create sustainable livelihoods and economic opportunities for Pashmina communities. By providing training, financial support, and market access, the project enables artisans to earn a fair income from their craftsmanship. This not only uplifts the communities economically but also strengthens the social fabric, empowering individuals to shape their own futures.

Fostering Cultural Preservation and Revitalization: Central to the Pashmina Goat Project is the preservation and revitalization of the rich cultural heritage associated with Pashmina. Through workshops, educational programs, and collaborations with local artisans, the project ensures the transmission of traditional knowledge and skills to younger generations. By celebrating the cultural identity embedded in Pashmina, the project safeguards the legacy of these communities for future generations.

Inspiring Hope and Pride within Pashmina Communities: The Pashmina Goat Project serves as a beacon of hope, rekindling the flame of pride within Pashmina communities. By recognizing the immense value of their craftsmanship, promoting their work on global platforms, and fostering a sense of community, the project instills a renewed sense of confidence and purpose. The emotional impact of this initiative reverberates through the lives of individuals, reminding them of their worth and the profound beauty of their cultural heritage.

Changing Narratives &  Shining a Light on Authentic Pashmina: Through their relentless efforts, Dr. Babar Afzal and Henna Anjum are changing the narratives surrounding authentic Pashmina. By emphasizing the importance of ethically sourced, handmade Pashmina products, they are challenging the prevalence of mass-produced imitations. Their work shines a light on the intricate craftsmanship, rich history, and the emotional connection embedded within each genuine Pashmina piece.

A Journey of Empowerment and Transformation: The Pashmina Goat Project, spearheaded by Dr. Babar Afzal and Henna Anjum, has become a catalyst for empowerment and transformation within Pashmina communities across the Himalayas. Their unwavering dedication, fueled by a deep emotional connection, has brought about positive change, preserving traditions, creating sustainable livelihoods, and restoring pride. As the project continues to shape lives and narratives, it paves the way for a brighter and more sustainable future for Pashmina communities.


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