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The beginning of an extraordinary story of a small ethical fashion aggregator started with an objective to revive, preserve and promote the authentic textile art, craft and traditional way of life in the remote mountains of Himalaya. www.TheRealPashmina.com is set out to create an industry from local resources across the Himalayas. We are located across Himalayas in Ladakh (4000-5300 Meters above sea level) and Kashmir (1850-2400 Meters above sea level)  deeply embedded in the mountains of Karakoram in the North-West, the Himalayas in the South-West and the Trans Himalayas at its core. The mighty river Indus originating from the interior of Tibet is predestined to flow right through the centre of this region. The region is rich in livestock such as Yak, Pashmina Goat, Sheep and Camel from which some of the finest and exquisite quality of wool and cashmere are extracted.

Sustainable Process

End to End Screening of Brands

Community Welfare

Empowering the Larger Good

Interesting Facts

There’s a saying in Himalayas that the weaving textile are associated with fertility.

The warp is like the mother and the weft yarn she inserts to make the cloth, is like the child conceived within her womb. As the cloth woven is similar to the child growing inside her womb. Women are the creators of life they say.

There are three kinds of looms. Foot loom (thag-sha), Back strap loom (sked-thags) and fixed heddle loom (sa-thags). Various textiles are woven on these three looms (nambu, spuruks, challi, phug-shar, tsug-tul, tsug-gdan, ta-gal, lu-gal, ma-gdan, phi-gyis, ray-bo).

 www.TheRealPashmina.com has ensured that every textile woven in Ladakh and Kashmir is used in our collection for varieties of merchandise.

What is Embedded in the DNA of Www.TheRealPashmina.com?


2030 Positive Planet Agenda.

We are here to concentrate and bring to focus, the positive endeavours to drive sustainability focused initiatives to the forefront. We aim to have a meaningful conversation with small and big actors within the Handmade Luxury Brands, Companies and Institutions alike. We need to centre all conversations around climate change and sustainability that are focused on the possibility of a positive future and not on past mistakes. www.TheRealPashmina.com is focused on individuals, brands, institutions and companies starting the journey or established in sustainability with ethical practices. We focus on the endeavour mind-set behind each small brand that is invited on this platform. Every small step in an organization engaging with sustainability will be applauded by www.TheRealPashmina.com until we get there together.


Common Language. Common Framework

We believe that we cannot hide from the facts or be an ostrich in the sand neither as institutions, nor as organisation and individuals that the threat from climate change is real. We must start to play our part to highlight organisations and individuals and amplify their work that they are doing for our common sustainable-future and positive planet work. This is where the answers and innovation lie. We can also showcase the strong business case for embracing sustainability by creating a common language and a common framework for brands that care for the planet. Through this method we can build the foundations to on-board more and more brands and organisations to sign up to the 2030 Positive Planet Agenda (orientated around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and orientated around the “endeavour” mind-set).


Waking up to the issue of Climate Change

We believe that Sustainability and Climate change is ‘a moral, ethical and economic imperative’ to slow global warming the UN leaders, have warned. To meet the sustainability and climate change 2030 goals governments will call on all organisations and leaders to step up their ambition and take concrete action


Our Work

Brands and Products on boarded by Www.TheRealPashmina.com are a work of art for the craftsman and consumer alike. Blending design with technique across cultures and regions in Himalayas, Www.TheRealPashmina.com is filtering through it’s rigorous benchmarks and bringing forward collections that celebrate true and authentic craftsmanship. A timeless ‘created by hand’ aesthetic that not only enhance the techniques of some of the most highly skilled artisans from Himalayas but our training programs enable others to join them, supporting themselves and their families in the process. This platform also empowers young people in Himalayas to protect themselves.


Our History

www.TheRealPashmina.com special project collective aggregator platform was launched in 2022 by the most credible voice Pashmina Goat Project and Industry veterans through a principal cantered open approach that is ethical and deeply cares for the Positive Planet Agenda 2030. At the heart of the project was a textile “Pashmina” made in the remotest villages of Himalayas by the most skilled and rare artisans of Himalayas. The bestselling designs were heralded as a sensation by the international fashion press, generating local employment and raising vital funds for grass roots education projects in Himalayas.

Mission & Vision

www.TheRealPashmina.com holds a common vision to revive traditional art and present innovative products in traditional weave through collaborations and embed new perspective to improve lives of artisans and envision a technologically enabled future for all.

Meet Our Artisans & Partners

Today we are proud to be the first home grown ethical and sustainable fashion collective aggregator with an objective to support local businesses that are conscious and market products entirely made in this region. Products that truly emanates Kashmir, Ladakh, Ethical and Sustainable Process. We believe that Authentic Luxury should take responsibility of social impact and environment and we are driving this initiative to make a difference and help the stakeholders to think beyond business. We are a unique platform and directly and indirectly employ many local people at our workshop and projects. We actively collaborate with local self help groups, NGO’s and women alliances. We also train many young talented locals and students studying fashion, art or textile at various institutes to embrace the opportunity to explore possibilities with local resources and creative skill.  The main intention behind our venture is to capitalize our own resources and crafts by transforming them to generate employment, bringing life back to dwindling village communities and let younger generation understand the scope in this trade besides the tourism industry in Kashmir and Ladakh.


Visitors who found the website not only informative but also helped them in buying the right pashmina for themselves.


When you buy from us, you enable us to change lives. The Real Pashmina & Pashmina Goat Project Partnership for Impact

The Ride of Joy

Wheelchair for the Old & Needy

One Wheelchair enables life. We have been providing wheelchairs to the community and their is an ever growing need for this help.

Opening the Doors to learning

Schoolbags & Kits for Children

One School Bag changes the course of a child’s life. We have been able to influence the positive future course of a child’s life with this initiative.

Every Drop of Water Is Precious

Water Pumps In Villages

With the increase in the drop in the water table, every village is struggling for fresh water for survival.

To See the Beautiful World

Eye Surgeries Children & Elderly

Cataract Surgeries for the Elderly & Eyesight Correction are the most sought after helps that the community needs.

News & Media

When you buy from us, you enable us to change lives. ( The Real Pashmina: Real Pashmina, People, Projects & Impact )

Brands & Associates

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