What is a ring test for pashmina?

Ring Test
& It's Autheticity.

The ring test is a simple method used to determine the authenticity of Pashmina shawls and products. The test involves passing a shawl through a finger ring and observing the way that the fabric behaves.

In the case of real Pashmina, the fine fibers of the shawl should be able to pass easily through the ring, creating a smooth and flowing texture. Fake Pashmina, on the other hand, will often have a coarser texture and may not be able to pass through the ring easily, or may snag or catch on the ring.

This test is not foolproof and should be used in combination with other methods for determining the authenticity of Pashmina, such as looking for certification, examining the quality of the weave and the fibers, and checking for signs of imitation. However, it is a quick and easy way to get a basic idea of the quality of a Pashmina product.

This is the only fabric which has gone through the tests of all time since 300 B.C, and has received the Geographical Indication stamp (under WTO) in fabric and luxury world. 

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