Are there myths about pashmina?

Real Pashmina Myths by TheRealPashmina

Top Five Myths
about Real Pashmina.

  1. Pashmina is made from the hair of a special breed of goat: Pashmina is made from the fine, soft undercoat fibers of Cashmere goats, which are found in several regions, including the Himalayas. The quality of the fibers depends on the breed and the climate, not the type of goat.
  2. Pashmina is only made in India: While India is a major producer of Pashmina, the Cashmere goat is found in several countries, including Mongolia, China, Iran, and Afghanistan, and Pashmina products are made in these countries as well.
  3. Pashmina is always expensive: The cost of Pashmina depends on several factors, including the quality of the fibers, the craftsmanship involved in producing the shawl, and the retailer. While high-quality Pashmina can be expensive, there are also more affordable options available.
  4. Pashmina is always hand-woven: While traditional Pashmina is hand-woven, there are also machine-made Pashmina products available, which are less expensive and often lower quality.
  5. Pashmina is only for special occasions: While Pashmina is often associated with special events and high fashion, it is a versatile and practical material that can be worn in a variety of settings and for everyday use.

This is the only fabric which has gone through the tests of all time since 300 B.C, and has received the Geographical Indication stamp (under WTO) in fabric and luxury world. 

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