What is GI pashmina?

GI (Geographical Indication) Pashmina

GI (Geographical Indication) certification is a form of intellectual property protection for products that are made in a specific geographic location and that have a unique characteristic or reputation that is associated with that location.

For Pashmina, GI certification is a way to ensure that Pashmina shawls sold under the Pashmina name are made using traditional methods and using the finest quality fibers sourced from the specific geographic region of Ladakh and surrounding areas in India.

The GI certification process involves rigorous testing and verification to ensure that the Pashmina shawl meets specific standards in terms of fiber quality, spinning and weaving techniques, and overall quality.

Pashmina products that carry the GI certification mark are guaranteed to be authentic and of the highest quality, and are therefore highly sought after by consumers around the world.

This is the only fabric which has gone through the tests of all time since 300 B.C, and has received the Geographical Indication stamp (under WTO) in fabric and luxury world. 

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