Was there real pashmina during the dogra period?

Pashmina in the
Dogra Period
Jammu & Kashmir.

Yes, Pashmina was produced during the Dogra period, which was a dynastic rule in the Jammu and Kashmir region of the Indian subcontinent from 1846 to 1947. During this time, Pashmina production was a major industry in the region and was highly prized for its luxurious quality and softness.

The Dogra rulers were known for their support of the arts, and Pashmina weaving was one of the most highly developed crafts of the period. The Dogra period saw the expansion of Pashmina production, with new techniques and designs being introduced to improve the quality of the fabric.

Today, Pashmina continues to be a highly prized material for clothing and accessories, and the legacy of the Dogra period and its support for the art of Pashmina weaving lives on.

This is the only fabric which has gone through the tests of all time since 300 B.C, and has received the Geographical Indication stamp (under WTO) in fabric and luxury world. 

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