Creating a Lasting Impact "One Scarf at a Time".

When you buy from us, you enable us to change lives. ( The Real Pashmina: Real Pashmina, People, Projects & Impact )


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Wheelchair for the Old & Needy

One Wheelchair enables life. We have been providing wheelchairs to the community and their is an ever growing need for this help.


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Schoolbags & Kits for Children

One School Bag changes the course of a child’s life. We have been able to influence the positive future course of a child’s life with this initiative.


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Water Pumps In Villages

With the increase in the drop in the water table, every village is struggling for fresh water for survival.


You certainly love this collection

Eye Surgeries Children & Elderly

Cataract Surgeries for the Elderly & Eyesight Correction are the most sought after helps that the community needs.

The Real Pashmina's Pashmina Looms

We are the community of the original stakeholders of Pashmina across the Indian Himalayas. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to get a genuine Pashmina made so that you can adorn yourself with the worlds most royal and luxurious fabric adding elite to your class. But as machine looms took over these original stakeholders (real people) behind the scenes have been marginalised by the middle men from many decades and have almost lost their voice in the industry they ones owned. This is where we have been trying to play a key role in changing the industry dynamics in favour of this very large community. “You get the finest Pashmina on the planet, and we continue our global advocacy and sensitisation campaigns for our community” #PashminaGoatProject Pashmina Scarves are Slow in every manner, Sustainable and Handmade end-to-end. We are not in a battle to prove anything. We are just about Real Pashmina, Projects, People & Impact. The journey of our scarves has stages 1. Pashmina Wool 2. Spinning 3. Weaving 4. Finishing 5. Embroidery 6. Final Piece that will survive centuries. In the past one decade we have worked tirelessly to raise and amplify the voices of this community at regional, national and international level and things have shown positive outcomes too. But it is a long journey towards justice and we are confident that as a lover of real pashmina, you will join us in this journey. #PashminaGoatProject is moving from one strength to another and has over 100+ looms under it’s umbrella.