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The Real PashminaTM is committed to building the best one-stop online shopping and sourcing platform for The Real Pashmina and Cashmere, offering high quality scarves and products at the most competitive prices. Each product comes with an authentication stamp and seal. Join our affiliate program today and gain access to all our latest banners and text links that would help you become our preferred business partner anywhere in the world. We are a premium brand and Affiliates, who will treat it as such will be accepted into the affiliate program. Please be clear that you are not selling our products and that users are purchasing from and we guard our reputation and image to give the best experience to every customers that buys from us directly. All The Real PashminaTM Affiliates are required to use up-to-date links with our analytics tracking string attached at all times. Please be sure to read all email which you will receive from us. Any important changes to the affiliate marketing program will be communicated to you via email.

About Us

We are an online and offline retailer that manufacturers our own line of fashionable real Pashmina cross Himalayas (Ladakh, Kashmir and Jammu) at affordable prices. The Real Pashmina was established in 2022 and acquired in 2023 by the Pashmina Goat Project Group, the world’s top authority of authentic Handmade & Hand-woven Pashmina.

Our Products

Our Product range is from $15 to $1000 and some can be customized with a large variety of high-quality options. The average purchase is $300. We stand by our products by offering a 14-Day Quality & Style Guarantee and a 12-month product guarantee with every piece that is sold. 95% of our customers are satisfied with our products.

The BIG Commission Structure

Here’s your opportunity to help your visitors get hold of our limited edition products that come with a seal and stamp that is embedded with signatures of futuristic technologies. By merging the latest designs with the latest technology, The Real PashminaTM is evolving the way people buy Authentic Pashmina and Cashmere online.

The Real PashminaTM brand affiliate program is the perfect way to earn money by introducing people to our Real Sustainable Pashmina and Cashmere Collections.


  • 15% commission on every sale.
  • Long 30-day tracking cookie.
  • Dynamic Banners.
  • Earn one of the highest commissions in space – up to 15% with our tiered commission structure
  • The Real PashminaTM Product Shop featuring top unmatched quality products
  • High Average Order Value ($200 – $700)
  • Flexible commission up to 15% on the total of every sale you initiate.
  • Repeat customer rate of The Real PashminaTM is 48%.

Easy Money & Credible Reputation

Becoming a TRP’s Affiliate is easy and free for a limited time only! We’ve created powerful software to make joining our affiliate program a cinch.

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We are the most seamless & human way to buy Real Sustainable Pashmina & Cashmere online.

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